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On what kind of surface can the inflatables be set up?
Virtually any surface that is flat – indoors or outdoors – grass, asphalt, gym floor, just let us know so we can include proper anchoring tools.

Do you come and set them up?
No.  Our rental units come with easy set up instructions.  You need one or two strong adults who can lift up to 300 lbs.
Note:  Larger units can be hired set up by us for a delivery and labor fee.

How long does it take to set up and inflate?
About 15 minutes to place and secure the unit; 5 minutes to inflate.

How big a vehicle is required?
A pick-up truck or large van without seats will hold 1 or 2 inflatable rides and  accessories.

What if it rains after the inflatable is set up?
DO NOT USE IN RAIN:  a wet bounce house is slippery increasing risk of injuries.
Deflate and roll up the unit or cover with a tarp.  Also deflate during high winds!  A
20 mph wind gust can pick up an inflatable and flip it causing injury to riders.

NOTE:  We charge a $75.00 cleaning fee if you return a wet and muddy inflatable.

What are power requirements for the inflates?
The unit must be within 50 feet of an outlet that is on a dedicated circuit.  Standard outlets provide 20 amps which is sufficient.  If you need a generator, ask for a quote.


How do I transport the Dunk Tank?
The Dunk Tank is mounted on a trailer hence you need a vehicle with a trailer hitch, a flat 4 electrical and a 2” ball.

How long does it take to fill it?
You will need 550 gallons of water – you can ask the fire department for help or use a garden hose (which can take 1 – 2 hours depending on the water pressure and size of hose.)  Remember to consider where the water will drain after the event.

Can I buy more balloons for the Pitchburst?
Yes – 36 balloons are included with the unit – you may add more if you want more FUN.

Is the chair provided?

Can I use tap water for the Misting Tent?
NO, it must be distilled otherwise small particles will clog the nozzle.


Do I provide real milk for the cow?
No – we provide you with water that is colored with white food coloring.  You recycle it.

How long does it take for the Spin Art cards to dry?
15 – 30 minutes.

How much time does a person get to grab money in the money machine?
There is a timer you can set – but it takes only a few second per person to “catch on”.
(for example:  in 30 seconds, a person can grab 10 – 15 pieces of denominations).


We are not sure about the attendance at our festival – how many supplies should I order?
Based upon our experience and other factors we will estimate your needs.  We accept returns of unopened supplies (no returns of special orders).

How much ice do we need for the sno kone machine?
Depending on the heat, you can make 2 – 3 sno kones per pound.
(ie: 10 lbs will make up to 30 servings)

What kind of candy do you use for the candy art?
It is colored and flavored sugar (just like a Pixie Stick).

Can I order sugar free sno kone syrup?
Yes, but we do not stock it – allow at least 2 weeks.  No returns.

Do you have straw sipper spoons for the sno kones?
Yes you may order them.  400/box @ $5.00/box.  No returns.
NOTE:  To keep a cleaner environment, most people do not use them but sip/slurp their kone.


Do you deliver and set up the tent, tables and chairs?
Depending on the size of the order, distance and the date, we can quote your order with staff.


How long does it take to receive a prize order?
We stock most items in our Bellevue warehouse.  When possible we prefer a 7 day lead time on larger order.

If you are out of items, do you just substitute?
Should we not be able to fill an item, we will call you with suggestions of a similar item that is of equal or better value.

Do you have more items in your showroom than in your catalog?
YES!  Our catalog is printed annually – we get new items year round.  We have bargains and closeouts that we do not include on the web or the catalog.
JUST ASK US if you are looking for something in particular!  We can get most anything within 7 days from other warehouses across the nation.  WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS.


Can I just rent a radar gun without your games?
Yes – call for a quote.

How big a vehicle do I need for the sports games?
The canvas games store neatly in a golf carry case – which fits in a large trunk, pick-up truck or van without seats.

Can I buy prizes for these games?
Sure – just click on “FUN prizes” which takes you to our online catalog – or call us for suggestions and FREE advice on what prizes are best for a given age group!  We have something for every age and every budget!


How big are the games?
Most will store compactly for transport.  Some need to be placed on a table, some have legs to be self standing.  Call us for specifics on the individual games.


We have been helping schools, churches, non profit organizations and corporations with Family Fun for 40 years.  Our representatives are here to answer any other questions you may have that we have not answered above.

Our company goal is to make your event easy and successful!

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